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Danny Chang by Scissorsmith
Danny Chang
Full Name: Daniel Chang

Pronunciation: Dan-nyl Chang

Nick Name: Danny

Age:   16

Birthday:  June 23rd

House: Arsenic

Class Level: High school Freshman

Descendants of: Shapeshifter

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: ???Can he stop being afraid first?  We just don't know!

Nationality: Chinese-Canadian

Height: 5'9

Weight: 161 (136 without the tail)

Hair:  Brown-black and does whatever the hell it wants

Skin  / Fur / Plating : Tanned with a warm tone / Cream / Soft, warm red-brown

Extra Appendages: Tail.  Do armored eyebrows count?  Cause those are a thing.

Preferred style of clothing and accessories: Comfortable knee-length shorts and t-shirts.  Hood optional.

Personality: A bit of a hypochondriac, Danny suffers from hemophobia to the point that he will faint at the sight of blood. As a child he suffered from acute anxiety thanks to a run of bizarre luck that has hounded him since birth. As an adult, thanks to the trauma of being kidnapped when on the way to buy eggs, Danny now fluctuates between groggy and fairly out to lunch or to the other extreme of pure panic. When this occurs he often will try and climb the nearest tall object and perch on or hang from it. Besides this, Danny is a huge wuss when it comes to pain. His pangolin based instincts kick in any time he perceives the threat of someone attacking him. He drops, throws his arms over his head and curls his tail under his bottom and then over his arms. This often leads to much embarrassment on his part as it was more often someone just trying to be friendly with a pat on the back.
One would imagine that Danny would be a raging pessimist with everything that isn't going for him. Instead, while not quite an optimist, he at least tries to find a bright side.
When nervous he picks and scratches at the scale the tracker is under and the scales around it.

- Pruning bonsai even if he's buns at it
- Blanket piles
- Other people cooking for him
- Harvest Moon

- Blood. He will faint at the sight of it.
- Deep Water
- Being hit on
- Being hit
- Anything horror related
- Rural areas he's convinced contain wild animals/ horrible mutant bugs/ axe murderers/ etc
- Urban areas he's convinced contain wild animals/ horrible mutant bugs/ axe murderers/ etc
- Sub-urban areas he's convinced contain wild animals/ horrible mutant bugs/ axe murderers/ etc
- Cooking

Fears/Phobias: A lot.

Favorite Color: purple?

Taste of Music:  Doesn't listen to music much

Hobbies: Playing Harvest Moon. Any of them, Pruning his bonsai plants

- Very fast at veg prep thanks to his old job
- Can actually dig very quickly if he let his claw-nails grow their full length. He doesn't like digging. BC
- He keeps and accidentally kills many bonsai and enjoys trying to take care of them. The ones that survive him are able to withstand quite a lot and are all the uglier for his attention.
-unable to shift out of this form or into another.

Favorite Foods and Drinks: Most anything he didn't have to cook

Least Favorite Foods and Drinks:  His own cooking

Pets: No.

Family:  Mother and Father.  They don't talk much.

Classes: Reading I / Writing I / Math I / Social Studies I / Science I / Golf / Herbology / Astronomy and Divination / Transformations, Potion and Charms / Fine arts (painting)

History: He was born.  Crappy things happened.  Dropped out of highschool and was working as a prep chef at a local restaraunt.  One night, on the way to work, his eyebrows fell off.  A few days later he woke up with new, scaled ones.  After a massive anxiety attack he called his parents who supposed that it was time to tell him his great grandfather had been a shapeshifter.  Thanks Grandpa.  Thanks.

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Miss-Mae Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I miss you, Li-Li. ;___; :cuddle:
Scissorsmith Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Ah!  Hey doll!  You can always drop me a note here or on tumblr~  And I'm on skype a lot more now that I have the internet back ; v ;  I'd be super happy to have a catch up!
Miss-Mae Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really need to get on Skype more. 3@  Hopefully once the move is done I'll have more time.  I miss talking to you! I'm on FB more than anything, which is weird, but it's more that I just leave it open and then don't close it, so... XD Derp derp! But we definitely need to catch up. It's been far too long! I miss my bestie. :cling:
Wolf-Mii Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you still interested in the parapon species?

if you are, please note me with what youd like changed on it! 
all the colors will be used from them but you may add a color, markings, tail ect!
here is the sheet with all the edits you may have

if you dont comment back within two weeks (till the 4rth of july) 
then it will be re-made and readopted~! 
Scissorsmith Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Thank you, no, however I would like to keep the parapon that belonged to my adopt group the deep down if it hasn't already been readopted?
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